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send money concept. envelope with dollar banknotesIn this episode we discuss your customer list, the most valuable asset in your business








  • Is Logo your most valuable asset? [0:57]
  • Is Intellectualproperty your most valuable asset? [1:04]
  • Why isn’t inventory the most valuable asset? [1:14]
  • What is your most valuable asset in your business? [1:31]
  • Why is the customer list your most valuable asset? [1:49]
  • The importance of getting to know your list? [2:33]
  • How to create a relationship with a list member. [3:08]
  • How having a list can build your expertise. [3:52]
  • What it means to segment your list? [4:33]
  • How to deal with prospects and high end offer. [5:17]
  • How to deal with prospects and customers in your business. [5:58]
  • What can you give your list to encourage them to buy your product? [6:59]
  • What is a white paper? [7:20]
  • What can give you a much higher chance of developing a relationship with your list?[7:50]
  • What is interruption marketing? [8:24]
  • How to build a list when you don’t have any? [9:14]
  • How to capture your first list? [11:43]
  • What is a lead capture system? [11:54]
  • One great resource you can use to build your list when you are just getting started. [12:48]
  • What does an auto responder do? [12:58]
  • How often should you mail your list? [13:13]
  • What to consider when testing your market? [13:24]
  • What is another name for capture page? [14:09]
  • Some of the ways to drive traffic to your product? [14:30]
  • Summary on how to build your list. [14:55]
  • What is an opt in? [15:45]
  • What is a double opt in? [15:57]
  • How to become a part of our list. [17:32]




  • Lead capture system
  • Auto responder
  • Google analytics



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