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Resources We Use

Below are the resources we use every day in our business.
Lead pages
We use this daily, to create pages, and track links, and in some cases
start mobile campaigns. You can get a 60 day trial for one dolar, by
clicking on the link

Fresh books
Everyone needs to track what they are doing in their business, from an
accounting stand point. You don’t need to worry about using exell
spread sheets any more, just use fresh books. You can get a free trial
by clicking on the link.

Freedom Voice
Everyone needs a quality business phone. And we have ben using Freedom
voice in our business for a while. It allows you to set up a virtual
pbx, as well as have your own phone number. You can get a 30 day trial
by clicking the link.

We use this in our business to conduct e-mail marketing campaigns.
Everyone needs an auto responder, and if you are not building a list,
you need to start.
Mail Chimp.
Another autoresponder service, but worth it. We use it as well in our

Webinar Jam Studio
If you are not conducting webinars, you need to be. We use this in our

Slick text
Need a simple text messaging solution? You can use slick text. We use
it and you can as well, by taking a free trial.

One of the biggest tasks you will have in marketing your business online is managing all of your social media profiles. Eclincher posts to all the major social media properties and monitors them. Really easy to work with