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7: Reputation Marketing; 5 Tips to Protect Your Business

In this episode we discuss the importance of reputation marketing

What is reputation marketing? [3:29]
What does brand marketing include? [3:42]
What does studies say about consumers and online reviews? [4:05]
Some tips on how to better use reputation marketing. [6:05]
What does it mean to claim your business directory pages and your social media?[6:14]
The worst thing that could happen if you don’t already have a page created?[7:37]
Why do you need to make sure you have a way to monitor what people are saying online about your business? [8:23]
Ways to monitor your online business. [8:51]
What is a reputation management system? [9:43]
What can happen when you are not able to monitor your pages? [11:22]
Ways to remove negative review from your pages?
1. Call the company that is controlling the page. [11:47]
2. Ask for positive reviews. [12:09]
What to do when you get a positive review? [13:04]
What to do when the review is negative? [13:22]
The importance of responding to negative reviews in public. [13:50]
What you should understand about the business directory. [15:33]
Make sure you have a way to show the review you have received on your website. [16:09]

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Appeared The Podcast 5first on The Small Business Puzzle Podcast.

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