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6: Interview with Shawn Smith The Mobile Pro

In this episode we interview Shawn Smith the Mobile Pro About Mobile Podcasting for Local Businesses


How can you use podcasting in respect to mobile? [1:28]
How can you best use a mobile application? [6:01]
Do podcast interview with your clients [7:16]
Mobile set up [7:21]
Record Testimonials [7:31]
Is the mobile applications only limited to Iphones? [8:44]
What mobile app is best recommended for androids when podcasting?[9:35]
Shawn’s advice to those who plan to start their own podcast. [11:16]
Shawn’s call to action. [12:30]


Ebook– 5 ways to record podcast interviews with an Iphone
Boss Jock studio– Does pro quality recordings on your IOS device
Voice Recorder by Green Apple Studios- Pro recording app for Android devices

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