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5: What is Web Accessibility and What Does it Mean to Your Business?

In this podcast you will learn how to make your website accessibility.


What is accessibility? [3:10]
What is website accessibility? [3:41]
What is the importance of website accessibility? [4:52]
How can you make your website accessible? [5:42]
Facts you should know before hiring a wed developer. [6:06]
What can to do if you already have a website and you now want to make it accessible?[6:49]
What does it mean to tag a link on your website? [7:00]
What is flash and why you should not use it? [9:33]
How to set your You Tube videos. [10:44]
One of the best ways to create sales letters. [11:15]
Insure your buy buttons are tagged for proper website accessibility. [11:57]
How to fix the Form Fields to make the screen writer accessibility? [12:31]
How to set the menus for proper access? [13:50]
How to set your search box? [14:09]
How to deal with a whole bunch of content? [14:26]
Other factors to consider when talking about web accessibility. [14:49]



Appeared first on The Small Business Puzzle Podcast.



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