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44 Discussion with Hani Mourra about Effective Video Marketing


Hani Mourra is a dad, softwareprenuer and the creator of Repurpose IO. The software designed to help content creators automate the distribution of podcast and live videos, across multiple platforms. And grow their audience faster.


• Hani’s message to you in moving forward. [03:36]

• How hard is it to develop a software? [04:23]

• Why does Hani not blog so much anymore? [05:54]

• Important tips for bloggers. [07:01]

• What are the benefits for doing live videos? [08:44]

• What is another option for going live if you are camera shy? [

• One of the reasons Facebook live work so well? [11:58]

• Different ways in which persons consume content. [14:56]

• What podcast does Hani listen to mostly and why? [15:32]

• Why is video a great tool for teaching? [20:53]

• What is the difference between a Podcast and a You Tube video? [21:58]

• What kind of content should you be creating? [25:16]

• What is the “Repurpose Project” really about and how it can help your business? [26:19]


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