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43 Interview with Nick Britton


Nick Britton has served multiple positions in his career, however; being a preschool teacher was one of the greatest. He served as an advocate at the state level for children and special education. He is a graduate of the oldest private military academy in the nation, Norwich University, earning a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science (BS) and received his Master of Education (M.Ed) from the University of Vermont. He has several professional publications, hosts weekly networking events, and has given public speaking engagements in multiple regions of the country.

A former college football player where he won several championships, Nick stills enjoy working out and the game of football. He has started several companies, and currently own several real estate properties. His community involvement through the years started at a young age when he received the rank of Eagle Scout, to volunteering for the Special Olympics, and still advocates and donates to many Veteran non-profits. Nick is active on all social media accounts and has become a brand advocate to two lifestyle brands, A+ Hustle and Optimize.

Nick has published two books. Lessons from the Little Ones, and Children Know Success. Do You?


  • One of the lessons Nick learned from observing children. [03:17]
  • How does imagination apply to entrepreneurs or small business owners. [04:07]
  • Is there more to just thinking that things will work? [05:30]
  • Nick talks about his experience of growing his business. [06:07]
  • Nick’s talks about his new business. [07:45]
  • How Nick can help your business to grow? [08:46]
  • What amount of time and budget would you need to build your business with Nick. [09:48]
  • Why are some persons afraid to grow their business? [10:32]
  • Nick’s advice to you if you are fearful of growing your business. [11:31]
  • What are the first steps you need to take to grow your business? [12:55]
  • What kind of systems does Nick use in his business that you can use? [14:16]
  • Nick’s message to all business owners and entrepreneurs. [14:41]




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