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40 Interview with Gabe Vega of

Gabe grew up in Los Angeles, California. He’s always worked teaching computer skills to different groups of people. Some of those groups include: people in the special education system, independent living clients, and the state vocational rehabilitation system. He left the state in 2005 because he decided he wanted to work for himself. He started by putting in contracts with the state of Arizona and different agencies and grew in to what is now Commtech USA.

What you will discover
Who is Gabe Vega [6:43]
What is Gabe doing now [9:01]
How Is Gabe generating revenue [10:05]
Who does Gabe’s serve [11:26]
How did he start out [12:12]
What is the biggest challenge as your business grows [16:38]
Gabe’s advice to you [22:50]
What is V.R. [25:10]
What is the difference between an Entrepreneur and a business owner [28:57]
Four types of people [33:10]
What drives Gabe [34:43]
Two takeaways [38:02]

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Gabe’s Site:

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