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4: Use Podcasting To Grow Your Business

In this episode We discuss how to use podcasting to grow your business



What is podcasting? [1:10]
Why should you use podcasting in your business? [2:07]
What is one of the best ways to produce content? [2:18]
What are the 3 choices you have when it comes to content? [2:30]
Which one of the contents are easier to produce? [2:40]
How to use podcasting to build your business. [3:40]
How to set up your website to build your podcast if you are a service based company. [4:16]
What are the different formats for podcasting? [4:53]

Monologue [4:53]
Co host  [5:13]
Interview style [5:28]
Q and A [5:51]

How much does it cost to start your podcasting? [6:45]
Some things you need to get started? [7:08]
Tips to get started in podcasting. [8:18]
Three factors required to make a great podcast

Valuable [9:13]
Unique [9:15]
Provide quality content [9:21]



Free Podcast Course from Smart Passive Income– Here’s a great free resource that teaches the basics of podcasting


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