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39 Our Takeaways from Podcast Movement 2017 #PM17

In this episode we discuss our takeaways from Podcast Movement 2017 #PM17

What you will discover:
Why you need to be at Podcast Movement [1:28]
who we met Leo Laporte, Pat Flynn Michael Selzner John Lee Dumas etc[3:30]
We talk about Social Media Marketing World [4:42]
Adam Announces his new Podcast the Restaurant Marketeer [5:47]
getting your podcast on Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc [6:38]
Major changes coming for the Small Business Puzzle Podcast including A new Facebook group soon [8:32]
How Website Accessibility awareness has changed [10:26]
How cool the people at Podcast Movement Are [12:00]
What we learned from our Crowdfunding campaign [13:18]
How our purpose for being at Podcast Movement has changed [14:35]
The value of getting access to the session recordingsĀ  [15:50]
Importance of Networking at PM17 [16:47]
The diversity of Podcasters [17:43]
Thanking Talkshoe and Shure [18:19]
Thanking Jared Easley and Dan Franks the founders of Podcast Movment and John Lee Dumas [18:46]
Thanking Podcast Websites [20:45]


Podcast Websites
our crowdfunding campaign

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