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34 Interview with Tania Shipman


Business solutions expert and Amazon Book Author Tania Shipman has struggled with the concept of a full business solution. Is it filling a void in the market place? Is it automating and creating a hands off system? Or maybe by putting a band-aid over the problem and calling it fixed?

Unlike most business experts, Tania has spent decades discovering the true meaning to a business solution and how it helps you. With thousands of hours of hands on experience, Tania’s radical views on solving a problem has dubbed her as “The Solutions Queen”.


  • What is business automation?[03:37]
  • Example of business automation. [04:19]
  • Why it’s important to stay focus on any automation you have? [19:45]
  • What does time versus money come down to? [24:34]
  • What can you do if you outsourced an automation that was not set up properly?[26:05]
  • Business automation is either hiring out your work or using a system to make things easier for you. [28:53]
  • Why is asking questions an important part of business automation? [30:53]






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