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33 Interview with Paul Colligan


Paul Colligan helps others leverage technology to improve themselves and broaden their audience with reduced stress and no dramas. He does this with a lifestyle and business designed to answer the challenges and opportunities of this new economy. If you are looking for titles: Husband, Father, YouTube Expert, Director of Content Marketing for and CEO of He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughters and enjoys theater, music, great food, and travel.



  • Paul’s advice to you as an entrepreneur. [02:22]
  • What are the biggest trends that we need to watch out for in 2017? [08:22]
  • As a podcaster or a blogger what should you be focusing on? [13:19]
  • What are three steps that you can take when you’re looking to monetize as a podcaster or a blogger? [14:30]
  • How do you go about defining these three steps to monetization? [16:28]
  • What are some tips you can use when giving away kindle books or Ebooks to get persons on your email list?  [24:52]
  • How can you take the Kindle book strategy and apply to a local restaurant or small business? [26:53]
  • Where does Paul see video going to in 2017? [30:57]
  • Will persons stick with recorded videos and upload them or will live videos take off?  [31:59]
  • What can you look forward to if you pick up Paul’s podcasting book in 2017?   [34:27]


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