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31 Interview with Richard Chapo

In this episode we interview Richard Chapo from about internet law and how it effects small businesses.

Who is Richard Chapo

A lawyer for 24 plus years, Richard Chapo (“chap-oh”) is a well-known Internet business lawyer in Southern California. Richard’s philosophy is to proactively position his clients to minimize their potential exposure to lawsuits. To this end, he provides advice to clients as large as multinational corporations and as small as hobby bloggers with an eye towards eliminating potential problems areas before lawsuits are filed. Richard is versed
in a variety of Internet laws including the DMCA, Communications Decency Act, and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, as well as FTC compliance guidelines, state privacy mandates, and recurring billing laws.


  • Richard talks about some of the internet laws. [03:32]
  • Why should you use arbitration? [06:47]
  • What is a class action law suit? [08:34]
  • What is the federal arbitration act of 1925 pre-empt state law? [10:34]
  • Do these arbitration law apply whether you are a corporate company or self-employed? [11:42]
  • What else should you include in your terms of conditions or terms of use and all the other legal document? [13:43]
  • Copy writing and You Tube. [18:10]
  • How can arbitration help you as a small business owner? [20:56]
  • What binds you to the terms and condition of anything you’re doing on the internet? [24:31]
  • What is constructive notice? [24:54]
  • What policy is a must in the US when it comes to web browsing? [27:18]
  • How much would it cost to have an attorney like Richard? [28:27]
  • Is it effective to use plugins to insert the Boilerplate on your website? [32:37]
  • Is the law having a hard time keeping up with technology? [37:30]


  • DMCA Handbook

Want to connect with Richard?

Twitter: @richardachapo

LinkedIn: Richard A Chapo

Facebook: Richard A Chapo



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