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30 Interview with Tom Merritt of Daily Tech News



  • Who is Tom Merritt? [01:50]
  • How did Tom build his community? [05:24]
  • How can you research what topics to talk about when doing a show? [07:53]
  • Tom talks about his monetization component. [10:08]
  • Approximately how much does it cost Tom to run his show and how much is the show bringing in? [11:40]
  • Tom delivers valuable content that person are willing to pay for. [12:48]
  • The importance of delivering valuable content. [13:42]
  • What was it like for Tom when he worked with Leo? [14:29]
  • What Tom does to grow his audience? [15:55]
  • Why do people send in their own custom intros on Tom’s show? [18:08]
  • What are some of the biggest trends that Tom sees coming in Tech in 2017? [19:55]
  • Where does Tom think the big social and monitory gains come from on the internet?
  • With the incoming administration how does Tom see technology interacting with different policies and rulings? [31:00]
  • Tom talks about that Apple Iphone FBI scandal. [35:54]
  • Is Tom a Mac or a PC person? [39:07]


Tom Merritt’s Website

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