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29 Interview with Jim Palmer the Newsletter Guru


Who is Jim Palmer? [Spp-timestamp time=”01:32″]
Jim is a marketing and business building expert and in demand coach. He’s the founder of the dream business academy and the dream business coaching and mastermind program. He is the host of News Letter Guru TV. He is also the host of Stick like Glue radio. Jim is best known internationally as the newsletter guru and the creator of Nohassle newsletters.

What are the biggest marketing trends going forward into 2017? [Spp-timestamp time=”03:03″]

  1. Getting back in touch with your current customer base. The people who brought you to the party in the first place.
  2. In 2017 the new acquisition is retention.How can you focus on keeping your customer? [Spp-timestamp time=”04:57″]

Using News Letters even though you send emails.

Will sending a physical newsletter fit every market? [Spp-timestamp time=”11:15″]

Once the newsletter is done correctly, every business can benefit from it.

What are some of the reasons for people thinking newsletters don’t work? [Spp-timestamp time=”11:26″]
They announce the first monthly newsletter and then the second newsletter doesn’t get mailed until about 3 months down the road. So that monthly newsletter only ends up going out 3 or 4 times within a year, instead of been sent out every month.
What are some of the ingredients that make a well done newsletter, besides the consistency of the timing? [Spp-timestamp time=”12:23″]

It’s everything that your customer, or client or patient is interested in. Not what you are interested in or what you think they might want to read.
What is the difference between relevant content and non-relevant content? [Spp-timestamp time=”13:12″]
The relevant content as to do with your business. Example success stories, how your company has worked with another customer.
How big should a newsletter be for a small business owner? [Spp-timestamp time=”14:03″]

It should be either two page or four page. A four page is 11 by 17 folded. 8 and a half by 11.

Is a good idea to add other articles that are not from your business, but is talking to your audience? [Spp-timestamp time=”14:43″]

Yes this can be done once you’re helping your customers.

How much does it cost on average to send a newsletter? [Spp-timestamp time=”16:12″]
It varies depending on the size of the mailing list. Example if you have 200 people or 2000 people it could vary from a buck and a half down to 80 cents.

Should you have an email list with the physical newsletter?

And if you do what would be the difference and how to use it differently? [Spp-timestamp time=”17:08″]

It is recommended that you mail a monthly print newsletter and you do an email newsletter once a week because they both complement each other. You can move people from your email list to your print newsletter and vice versa.

How to maintain your balance when you’re doing multiple businesses?

Delegation is the number one thing.

Why should an entrepreneur consider attending a live event or doing a live event? [Spp-timestamp time=”27:38″]

  1. Consider doing it if it’s going to put you in front of the right people.
  2. You can get great ideas and information that you can implement in your business.
  3. You get to interact with other likeminded people.What can you as an entrepreneur use to enhance your business? [Spp-timestamp time=”30:56″]

Your mindset as to be in the right place.
How to overcome fear as an entrepreneur? [Spp-timestamp time=”35:17″]

You have to make a decision that you are going to choose to be judged on the value of the content and the information and the service that you’re providing and not the imperfect way in which you do it.

Why should you consider writing a book? [Spp-timestamp time=”36:27″]

The book is a great positioning tool for an entrepreneur. You will earn more money for who you are compared to what you do. In 99% of the case it’s not about the actual service that you provide, you will earn more money for who you are. If people perceive you to be the expert, the go to authority in your area, they will pay you for who you are.


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