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28 Interview with Jessica Rhodes


Who is Jessica Rhodes? [01:23]

Founder and CEO of


As a Podcaster why should you consider running interviews and why should you have interviewers on your show?  [02:56]

The biggest benefit from podcasting is the relationships and the connections that are built along the way.


Has a podcast host, how can you go about getting interviews? [07:14]

First you have to know what your goal is with the podcast, because that determines the kind of guest that is right for your podcast.


Where to go when you run out of persons to interview.[08:45]


What are the do’s and don’ts when reaching out to book a guest? [11:22]


  1. Have it be a personalized request.
  2. Tell them where you found them and why you want to interview them.
  3. Tell them what the show is about and who is the target audience.


Important advice for podcast host. [15:56]

  1. Make it really easy for your guest to schedule and be on the show.

How to get your podcast out and encourage your guest to do so as well. [17:43]

  1. You can talk to the guest after the recording. Complement them on the interview. Take the opportunity to know the guest a little, ask questions about how you can help or support them.
  1. Tell the guest when you’ll be launching the interview. It should be launched at least two to three weeks after the interview. If you take to long to launch the guest will forget.

Is re-purposing the content that you’ve done with the guest recommendable? [21:06]
Yes it’s recommendable because there are some people who do not want to listen, but just want to read instead. So putting up great show notes is very important.


What are the next steps that you can take to market your podcast? [24:28]

  1. Utilize graphics. When you share a post on social media you will get a lot more hits on that post if there is a graphic attached to it
  1. Have a consistent social media marketing plan. For instant when are you going to share your post or how often?
  1. Have a You Tube channel and putting your podcast on You Tube videos.
  1. Be active in Facebook groups and LinkedIn forums.

What are the biggest trends going into 2017 that we should be focusing on? [28:41]

  1. Video. Video is huge especially with live streaming on Facebook. The way in which video gets out there is evolving and changing. It’s a great way to promote your product and grow you’re audience and get a lot more exposure and attention.



Interview Connections. How to rock the podcast from both sides of the mic. – Book


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