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27 Interview with Josh Elledge of

Josh Elleddge of being interviewed on tv

Josh Elledge is on a mission to help entrepreneurs attract the perfect audiences!

He’s the Founder and Chief Executive Angel of®, and is one of the nation’s leading experts on consumer savings.

Josh Elledge is a dynamic public speaker, the host of a very popular consumer savings podcast, a weekly syndicated columnist for nine newspapers (with more than 1.1 million readers), on a number of radio stations, and regularly appears on more than 75 TV stations across the country. All told, Josh has appeared on TV or radio more than 1500 times.

upendPR is a software as a service / membership-based website providing step-by-step video coaching, live training, direct access to over 1 million media contacts, media monitoring for ongoing story-ideas, agency-level journalist inquiry monitoring, ongoing pitch creation, and impactful consulting for entrepreneurs and startups seeking to exponentially increase sales & traffic.

Josh lives in Orlando, FL and is a US Navy veteran, a dad of 3 awesome kids, a self-proclaimed fitness geek, and performs improv comedy.

  • What is Josh’s  definition of PR/public relations? [03:36 ]
  • Why you are wrong if you think you don’t have anything news worthy. [05:14]
  • How can you become an expert at in what you do? [05:43 ]
  • How can you get reporters to contact you? [07:13]
  • How to start that process of getting journalists to come to you? [10:41]
  • What do journalists specifically look for when they receive a pitch? [11:54]
  • Ways to improve your digital reputation. [14:00]
  • What are PR’s looking for on the twitter platform? [16:57]
  • Are press releases still neccasary in public relations today? [19:20 ]
  • What should your expectations be when you do a press release? [21:22]
  • Why Josh doesn’t recommend press releases as highest priority work? [ 22:13 ]
  • How to build a great relationship? [23:52]
  • How can you build an audience of people who know like and trust you? [25:25 ]


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