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26 Interview with Michael Babcock

Who is Michael Babcock?

Blind since birth, Assertive technology Instructor in Alaska until the sudden expected passing of his mom. He enjoy the transformation his ideas and knowledge can give people. Fast talking and filled with information he’s ready to wow your audience with the  knowledge he has acquired.

Marketing Methods

  • What marketing methods is Michael using to reach out to your audience [”[03:41]”]
  1. Reaching out to other blind entrepreneurs
  2. Using blogging and podcasting
  3. He’s going to be using paid advertisement
  • What is the biggest component to Michael’s success on line?

He was able to identify his target market and connect with them.


  • Will Michael strategy work for you if you’re not marketing to blind individuals?  [11:07]
  • What are the next marketing areas or trends that you need to be focusing on in 2017?[13:35]
  • What part is live video going to play in marketing?[15:24]
  • Why is it important to master the social media platform that you’re on?[24:21]
  • Michael gives advice on branding?[26:53]
  1. Tools that Michael uses to manage his social media.[28:54]
  2. Hootsuite – Used for scheduling
  3. Buffer- Used on Twitter feeds
  • Michael thoughts on how people will mostly consume content going forward[30:28]
  • Three important steps to succeed online.
  • Know your market
  • Speak to your market
  • Get them to buy from you.
  • How does giving away valuable content to your audience helps you?[34:45]
  • Michael’s last party words.[35:57]





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