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25 The Power of Mindmapping

The Power of Mind Mapping

what is mind mapping? [”[1:56]”]

Book Definition: A mind map is hierarchical and shows relationships among pieces of the whole. It is often created around a single concept, drawn as an image in the center of a blank page, to which associated representations of ideas such as images, words and parts of words are added.

Our definition; A graphical representation of thought

Example of Mindmapping [”]”]

  •      An outline in a picture
  •      Its how your brain works
  •      Its like free writing [”[5:56]”]

Why do you want to mindmap[”]”]

  1.      It allows you to take thoughts and structure them the same way your brain does, which helps you clear your mind
  2.      It used to be called clustering [”[6:55]”]
  3.      The difference between clustering and mind mapping[”]”]
  4. Helps you easily communicate ideas to other people [”[7:43]”]
  5. Accessibility is no longer an excuse [”[8:54]”]
  •     Not accessible for windows users yet
  •     IOS App Available Mindnode


What can you use mind mapping for[”]”]

  •        product ideas
  •        article ideas
  •        podcast ideas
  •        book ideas

Mindmapping tips[”]”]

1 Don’t worry about making it look pretty [”[11:55]”]

2 Do your mindmapping in 2 sessions[”]”]

  •      Braindump
  •      Organize


3 Don’t pay for expensive software until you get the hang of it [”[13:39]”]

Take advantage of trials

4 Take advantage of mind mapping features such as linking to websites or documents [”[14:09]”]

5 Use the Kiss Method (Keep It Simple Stupid) [”[15:09]”]

Use the basics first

6 Look for Youtube videos and tutorials [”[15:45]”]

Just Go Do This Stuff  – Don Crowther


Mind Mapping Software

X Mind – The mindmapping software that we use the most  Has a paid and free version

Mindmeister – A paid online mndmapping software with lots of features ($10 a month)

Mindnode   The only accessible mind mapping software we are aware of for IOS and Macs ($10)

Freemind A basic mindmapping software that is completely free

Mindjet   A very powerful mind mapping software with lots of advanced features ($349)


Mind Mapping Training Videos

These videos are for xmind, and not all features that are disccussed will be applicable to other mind mapping software


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