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24 Interview with John Lee Dumas of

John Lee Dumas Host of

Who is John Lee Dumas? (JLD)

John is the founder and host of EOfire. John has been featured in Forbes, Time and Inc. magazine.

John talks about the people he sees winning today. [04:14 ]

  1. People that are willing to niche
  2. People who find that one thing that you’re passionate about and work on it.
  3. People who serve their individual audience as well as possible.


What happens when you try to serve everybody? [05:37]

When you try to serve everyone, you’re serving no one because you’re just another voice in this world that’s screaming into the wind with a 1000 other voices.


How should you think when it comes to your niche? [06:14]

Is this business niche enough where you can start getting momentum and then you can start growing and making it broader as you start to understand the needs of your audience.
How do you select a specific niche? [06:29] 

What is the biggest marketing trend or biggest two marketing trends that you need to watch for as business owners in 2017 and how do you best leverage it? [08:23]

  1. Facebook and Instagram live. [08:41]

JLD tell his thoughts on Snap chat. [10:13 ]

How can you test a product to make sure it’s profitable? [13:58 ]


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  1. John Lee Dumas on 01/25/2017 at 7:59 AM

    Really enjoyed being a guest on your show MB! Thanks for the great opportunity!!

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