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23 Inbound Selling; 10 Amazing Tips On How To Generate Leads Without Cold Calling

Illustration depicting a phone with a cold caller concept.

Illustration depicting a phone with a cold caller concept.


What is the difference between inbound and cold call?

In inbound selling you’re customers reaches out to you, while in cold calls you are the one reaching out to the customer.







  1. You have to be easy to find and your message as to be clear. Make sure you have your own website, social media and mailing list, etc covered [02:47]
  1. Be clear on who your customers and target audience are. [05:51]
  1. Attracting leads should be a daily priority. [07:53] 

Forms of attracting leads

  • Create a video that links back to your blog
  • Do a live video that links back to your blog
  • Set up social media links
  • Send some paid traffic to your blog.


Important information on paid traffic. [11:45]

If you’re going to do paid traffic do not send to a squeeze page.

Where is the best place to send paid traffic? [12:23]

  1. Remember that sometimes it is better to build a smaller list of paying customers than a larger list of freebie seekers. [13:29]
  1. Qualify your prospect as soon as possible. [15:08]
  1. Map out your funnel. [17:10]
  1. Get lots of content out in various formats and don’t forget to re-purpose. [19:21]
  1. Don’t be afraid to share the good stuff to the point where they can’t wait to see what you have for sale. [21:59]
  1. Target different sub groups of prospects so that you can speak and market to them with specific content and offers. [22:42]
  1. Use tracking and testing to get better at what you do overtime. [24:40]


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