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22: Content Creation for Business Owners

Episode 22


Happy National Cat Day!

Announcements –  Just a quick reminder for the last episode 21 we discussed on Blogging, about Business blogging. If you guys missed please visit

Today we will talk about – Content creation. Content creation could be a blog, it can also take the form of video, audio, images, Live streaming, Power point Presentations etc. It can be go up to Linkedin and twitter status updates and so on. In a nutshell, content creation is taking a piece of information and distributing the information to the masses/audience. If you follow me on periscope, I am starting to do some videos. Periscope could be saved and recorded for the future as it gets distributed in the country. If someone has a thought and expresses the thought online then we get real time replies. Just like Youtube and Facebook where people get most of the information. However, the dynamic of video has changed significantly. Facebook Videos is reached a lot among the masses over someone who just posted the status update. Youtube is also doing similar like Facebook. So you got You tube live videos, Facebook live videos and you got periscope. That means if you want to be Current and you want to take advantage of certain things then you put your information in the form of content and make it live. Now this is not the only form of Content creation. If you want to know what am I doing differently please follow me at periscope/teresablaes and that’s also my twitter handle. Articles are the oldest form of content. Apps are best ways to give you an example of Contents. So if you are doing a Podcast like we are doing, then you want to make sure that your contents are on itunes, Google play, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, stitcher everywhere where an audio content can be placed. However, not everyone will listen to the audio, people will read the content and would like to share it. An RSS reader combines all the blogs you follow into one application and it will allow you to monitor them into one application. There is a lot of RSS reader’s available and one of the most popular is feedly. You can also agree or disagree with the blogs. Let’s talk about Images content and they are huge. Instagram and Pinterest are best examples of images content. People actually click and share it. If you have a Image on your post or Blog then you’ll get more engagements. We can spend a complete day on Content creations. One of my favourite content creation Marketer is gentlemen by the name Ed Dale. Periscope is the best way to create a content. If you do a great job they will share it. You need to stand out. To fill up the content we can take help of RSS reader, you tube videos, facebook, twitter. What’s important is open up a page and a timer to write your thoughts it could be on Mobile, laptop, notepad and so on. So whatever pops in your mind write for full 5 minutes. The idea is to write until you cannot write anymore. Once the timer is off, you need to save the document and keep it away. But if you want to edit it? No editing allowed at this stage. The whole idea is to come up with Content. The next day you open it up and you’ll find most of them are garbage. This will happen initially until you train your brain. This is the best method to learn Creative writing. Read the blog post on my site is – the dreaded first blog post. To know more about it logon to and look for that post. So you write the content and save it for the next day and then you edit it and then you have something to start with. We hope the podcast is helpful for you to start writing Creative content writing.

So here’s the Call to Action –

  1. Decide what you are going to write about and find a way to monitor some post.
  2. Take the time to sit down and write and that’s setting a timer a getting it done.
  3. Subscribe to some of the feeds that are related to your niche. Also subscribe to which is not in your niche.

So guys thank you for your time and have a blessed day!

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