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17: The Art and Science of Copywriting

What is copy writing also referred to as? 3:49
• The art of persuasion
• Salesmanship in print.

Here is a very easy formula to use when you write your sales copy.4:36
1. Here is who I am 4:43
Talk about yourself
2. Here is why you should listen to me 6:47
This encompasses any form of testimonials, reviews, endorsements and referrals, anything like these you should include on the page. Or also any specific relevant thing that you’ve done.

3. Here is what I have for you 8:11
This is where you begin to explain the product, explain the service. And then you start getting into the pin point of what the problem is that you’re trying to solve.
4. Here is what you need to do now 11:25
This is what we call a call to action. Asking your audience to a specific task.

What is scarcity?
This is a tactic used during call to action, to tell your audience the product is limited.
Why are bonuses important? 14:50
• You want your people to perceive that you are delivering a high value product.
• You want them to get more value out of whatever you’re call to action is.

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