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16: Our Takeaways from Podcast Movement 2016 #PM16

In This Episode we discuss Podcast Movement #PM16. We reveal several different tips about how to approach a conference and some general advice to get the most of it.

Our Take aways  from podcast 2016
What does the phrase “It’s not so much the session but the networking that happens in the hall ways” mean? 5:07

One of the surprising moments when a great connection was made at the podcast movement. 6:23
A next great moment was hearing Don Miller present. 7:29
Five things that really makes a good conference and really makes a good impression.8:09
1. Bring a business card that is unique.12:44
2. When you are talking to someone, do most of the listening first 14:09
3. When you are walking around and making connections be sure to keep yourself hydrated and well fed. 15:49
4. Don’t just focus on the conference. 18:32
5. Go there with a goal in mind 20:44
Why do you need to know “WIFN” when going to a conference?
• “What’s in it for me”. The main reason why you are going to the conference.
What is one of the most amazing things when attending conferences? 11:42
• The fact that you never know who you’re going to run into.
What is conversion? 22:57
• Conversion is essentially getting someone to take an action and do what you want then to do.


VistaPrint – Place you can go to get business cards
Moo cards – Place you can get business cards

Interview with Kate Erickson – Getting the most out of conferences

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