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15: Interview with Kate Erickson Getting the Most Out of Conferences


Who is Kate Erickson? 1:01

Kate’s advice on why it’s important to be at the event before it gets started. 3:24
1. Interact with people.
2. Build upon relationships you already have online.
3. Creating brand new relationships

How should you prepare yourself for the event before leaving home? 3:41
1. Know who you want to connect with and who you want to be in front of.
2. Ensure you establish and deeply understand your number one goal that you want to achieve from an event.

How can you find the people who you want to connect with, that’s going to be at the event? 4:57
1. Looking through the speaker sheet.
2. Joining online communities that the conference may have set up.
3. If possible you could set up actual meetings with people.
Ensure to establish the number one thing that you want to walk away from this conference with. 5:28

How can go about taking advantage of networking opportunities at your event? 6:31
1. Setting up coffee or a chat with somebody.
2. In the Hall way between sessions.
3. At lunch time you can join a group for lunch.
4. Going to the after party event.
Why is important not to rule out time at any event? 7:32
Is it important to have business cards? Yes or No? 9:31
What is the best way to follow up with a person, once you meet them? 11:22
1. Take business card to get the person information.
2. Email that person immediately.

3. Set yourself a reminder to follow up with them
4. Send multiple emails if the person doesn’t reply.
5. Use Boomerang
6. Use Workflowy 13:05
The importance of knowing exactly what you want to get out of your event? 14:15


Boomerang for Gmail, which allows you to create a message and then choose the time that you want it to send. 11:49

Workflowy. An online note taking system 13:06
Zencastr, great tool for recording interviews


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  1. Kate Erickson on 09/06/2016 at 9:28 AM

    Thank you both so much for having me on the show! I really enjoyed our chat and I hope your audience will, too 🙂

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