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14: Autoresponders and how to choose the right one for your business

In this episode we discuss autoresponders and how to choose the right one for your business

What is an autoresponder

Why do you need one

What are the costs

What to look for in an autoresponder

How to evaluate features

How to limit costs especially at the beginning

take advantage of trials

if you are short on funds consider Mailchimp which allows you to have up to 1500 subscribers

Compare monthly payment vs one time payment

Tips for building your first list

  •  Keep sign-up forms, email messages and designs simple and clean.
  • Study how marketers send YOU autoresponders and incorporate their best practices.Ask for the sale.
  • Marketing is testing. Constantly compare one campaign to another.
  •  Load an initial series of 7-10 emails to increase the chances for a sale.
  • Track all emails to assess their effectiveness.
  • Keep emails between 55 and 65 characters wide.

Autoresponder Services (monthly cost)

Aweber    GetResponse  Mailchimp

MailX  (one time cost)



Download our autoresponder guide

Download Our Power of Autoresponders Introductory Guide

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