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13: Local Marketing, An interview with Patrick Whitson

In this episode we interview Patrick Whitson of LaPeer Website Design about local marketing, including setting up Google My Business profile listing.


We discussed;

the importance of having a Google My Business Listing

how to claim your business  Listing

Why its important to have a local business website

Importance of online reviews and their impact on ranking in Google Maps

why you want to use video in your local business listing

Why you want to set aside a budget for marketing and what happens when you descrease your budget in hard times



Patrick is offering to claim one business listing for you at no cost

to take advantage of the offer  go to or you can email him at patrickwhitson @


  1. Patrick on 05/10/2016 at 11:22 AM

    Mike & Teresa,

    I appreciate you allowing me to come on your show last week as a guest speaker. It was a pleasure to speak about Local Marketing, and more specific, about how SMB’s can utilize Google My Business to bring in more phone calls and leads.

    I hope it helps you to grow your podcast audience and help out local businesses who are in need of hearing this information.


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