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12: Self hosted websites Why your main website should be self hosted

In this episode we discuss self hosted websites and why your mail website should be hosted on your own server


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So when you build a website, you have many options

■     Free content sites such as

■     Non WordPress sites hosted on some one else’s ssrver

–     Square space

–     Weebly

■     Self Hosted Websites


Self hosted websites

■     What is a self- hosted website

–     A website that is hosted on your server

–     Under your control

–     Can be wordpressor non wordpress(html)

–     Other choices drupalor joomla


Why do we use self-hosted wordpresssites

■      Control – its your site your content

■      Resides on your server so easier to maintain

■      Easy to back up

■      Flexibility

Why WordPress?

■      Lots of themes available

■      Lots of plugins

■      Very flexible you can make it loo,, the way you want it

■      Great seofeatures

What if I already have a weeblysite
Can I convert it into a wordpess site?

■      Not directly but a good designer will be able to help  you make it look like your weeblysite

–       That’s the power of wordpress

■      Don’t want to move it  turn your weeblysite into a subsite link it to your main site for SEO

–       Ecommerce store

–       Business card type site

■      Your main site needs to be a wordpress site

–       Control

Need Help?

■          Just drop us a line

–          Worked with wordpressfor over 8 years


We Have packages from doing a basic wordpress install to custom built websites

1 Comment

  1. Michael Babcock on 05/26/2016 at 11:12 PM

    Wonderful content provided in this episode, thanks a lot. One thing to consider is what of your operations do you want to live on your own hosted site, vs what do you want hosted off your main site. E.G. Clients have asked me why they need a service like Libsyn for podcast hosting, and i’ve had to explain it a few different ways. The long story short though is two fold.
    #1, do you want to put all your eggs in one basket? E.G. your podcasts on your web host, your landing pages on your web host, hell why not even put your email autoresponder on your own web host, using mailman.
    (in the long run it is more expensive though it might seem cheaper)
    #2, do you want to keep the security on all your sites updated?
    I am a firm believer in hosting your own wordpress site, however i’m looking into teachable for courses, using convertkit for email autoresponder, Libsyn is my podcast host, and i’ve not found a landing page builder i like 100% for accessibility, though lead pages looks relatively nice.
    So yes, thanks for this, if your going to host your own website you need to have all control. The other thing though is, relies what your limits are and figure out if something happened to a part of your website what would happen to your business?
    Keep the wonderful work up!

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