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1: What is an Avatar and what it has to do with your business

Shows a hand holding a business card with the caption "Do You Know Your Customers"

Do You KNow Your Customers?

In this episode we discuss what an avatar is and why its important to have one for your business



What is an avatar and what it has to do with your business? [0:46], [1:46]
Example of an avatar. [1:11]
A major problem that affects online business people. [1:55]
Why is it a problem to target everyone online as your customer? [2:23]
Examples of how to target your customers. [2:26]
The importance of having an avatar. [2:59]
Why an avatar can be classified as an educated guess? [3:05]
Things you should know about your target market. [4:00]
The importance of knowing more about your target market. [4:32]
What you can do to help develop your avatar. [4:41]
How to have more success online and offline. [6:13]
Ways to find out more about your target market.
1. Go to Amazon [6:45]
2. Check Q and A sites [7:02]
3. Social media groups [7:12]
4. Do a search on Facebook [7:43]
How to connect with others when you join a group. [8:01]
How to share before receiving on social media. [8:12]
What is the next step once you have an audience? [9:07]

RESOURCES -Do free surveys [9:19]

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